Shridevi is no more :Raju Bhatt

Mumbai : Sridevi is no more! Raju Bhatt
The entire nation is shocked, just like me!
But there is a small plot in the story which we all have turned a blind eye to,as sridevi blinded us with her dazzling looks.

If you are a fan of sridevi you will be very well aware of her love story with boney kapoor.

Now meet mona kapoor!

This lady fought while she was alive,to hold together her marriage and she fought her way to death battling cancer and then succumbing to multiple organ failure.

She was devastated,her trust was broken by the same lady she sheltered at her home.

She had no time to even think about a reconciliation with her husband or talk with him,because by the time could do something,Sridevi was already 7 months pregnant.

Unlike Sridevi,mona was far away from the glam world.

Mona who faced public loathe and taught Arjun and Anshula to be strong when they used to be questioned at school about their parents.

Mona wasn't blessed to wear those high slit gowns or beautiful jewellery bestowed by her husband. Infact,she faced much comments from people in the industry to loose weight to woo back her husband.

Mona couldn't make it to watch the debut movie of her son arjun kapoor.

Ishaqzaade released about 3 months after Mona passed away.

Do you know how God play's his games??

Jahnvi is all set to make debut into the industry with dhadak on 6th of july,but this time unfortunately her mother has demised untimely.

I have nothing against Sridevi maam,but i believe there is a way to end things. You cannot simply part ways with someone by turning up with a heavily pregnant lover of yours.

I feel sad for Mona. Her life after her husband parted ways with her was only filled with tough struggles.

We did not mourn the death of Mona. The warrior died a silent death,away from her loved ones,in a hospital.

I feel sad for Jahnvi and khushi. May God bless them with all the strength and success in life. Rip Srideviji!