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    GET READY FOR GST - EBOOK editor editor on Saturday, August 27, 2016 reviews [0]
    By CA. Abhay Desai <abhaydesai86@gmail.com>

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    Dear Readers,
    Please find attached e-book titled "Get ready for GST". Shri Arvind Singh ji, (Chief Commissioner, Excise & Customs) has been kind enough to write the foreword of the book. I shall be eternally grateful to him for his generosity. The book gives a birds eye view of the limitations of present indirect tax structure, proposed GST model in India, all the key provisions/aspects of Model Law released in June 2016 as well as critical analysis of the Model Law. Use of jargon free language shall help all the stakeholders including trade, industry, department as well as professionals to understand key provisions of Model Law and its implications. It must be kept in mind that actual law shall differ with the model law as GST Council (a Constitutional body) shall be considering all the suggestions put by various bodies including our firm before finalising the law to be placed before the Parliament. Similarly even State Government's shall consider various suggestions before placing the final law before their State assemblies.

    The attached book was released by worthy hands of Hon. Justice Kamal Mehta ji (Retd. Judge Hon. Gujarat High Court); Shri Arvind Singh ji (Chief Commissioner, Excise & Customs) & Shri C B Patel ji (Joint Commissioner, Commercial Tax). Ceremony was attended by more than 450 corporates coming from across India. Few snaps of the ceremony are attached. I am indeed grateful to all the people at our firm Yagnesh Desai & Co. Without their support, this was not possible. I am also thankful to all our clients who have provided us with constant opportunities to learn the nitty-gritty of various laws. Last but not the least, I refer to the paradox of the preface to state that all the errors, in any, are mine and mine alone. All worthy parts are due to our team. Happy reading !!By Abhay Desai


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