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  • What does a teacher do when he retires
    What does a teacher do when he retires editor editor on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 reviews [0]
    Peter Stockwell
    What does a teacher do when he retires and finds himself without any class?
    Start a new career!

    Published by :- Peter writes stories which compel readers to think. His detective, Kitsap County Sheriff Marcus Jefferson, uses ingenuity and reasoning to ferret out the truth while others are skeptical that any crime has occurred.

    Roger Waite has met his dream woman, Mary Johnson, at Washington State University. But dreams can become nightmares when history repeats. Can her younger sister , Victoria, help him save her? Or complicate his life as she matures into a virtual twin without all the complications?
    “Roger sat on the floor holding Mary’s warm, but lifeless hand.” Did she commit suicide or has her sister committed the ultimate sin so she can have Roger for herself?
    Detective Marcus Jefferson works to uncover the truth while keeping an unhappy wife content. What happened to Mary Waite is convoluted and twisted and should intrigue readers of mysteries.
    Uncle Jerry’s suicide two years ago has conflicted his nephew, Detective Marcus Jefferson, such that he wants to spend his free time uncovering a truth which may not exist. Did Sheriff Deputy Jeramais Jefferson die by his own hand or was a murder committed to stop an investigation into Snohomish County criminal activity? With the support of his father, Tiberius Jefferson, Marc plows into a case which is finished and closed.
    Detective Marcus Jefferson, his wife, Joan, and three children are on an Alaskan cruise where they meet Internationally popular thriller writer, James Blackthorne. When he’s found dead in his suite, Joan, a geriatric care nurse does not believe the ship’s medical diagnosis of natural causes. She implores Marc to investigate with no help from the cruise staff and little evidence of any crime being committed.
    Coming this fall.
    Norman Stockwell spent over 40 years preaching to Episcopal congregations in Idaho and Washington. His son, Peter Stockwell, is compiling a series of books for the faithful and interested people who want to know more. Peter offers commentary relevant to today’s events while connecting his father’s words from the past. The book is due out in August, 2016.
    For “Motivations”
    …real understanding of what happens psychologically in families. Joan W.
    Intriguing story; superb character arcs, … captivates the reader from the first word to the last.Aline H.

    or “Motive”
    Unexpected ending, Can’t wait for the next one. Joyce R.
    Mystery investigation at its best. Sheil


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