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  • Traffic department should publicise procedure on fines, vehicles detained: Motorist
    krishnadadawala krishnad.... on Monday, June 22, 2015 reviews [0]
    MUMBAI: A female motorist, who had an unsavoury experience after being intercepted in a police nakabandi last week, has hit back at the traffic department, stating that all procedure pertaining to fines and detention of vehicles should be made public on their website. The woman was booked at Juhu for driving under influence (DUI) but wasn't told that her vehicle would be detained.

    "I had two glasses of beer followed by dinner and an hour later, I decided to head home. I wanted to check my bank balance at an ATM at Juhu circle and was parking my vehicle when a male cop approached me. He asked for my driving licence which i readily produced. When I was out of the ATM, a female cop came over and asked if I had drinks. I was truthful and underwent a breath analysis. I was not shown the reading but was told that I had consumed liquor above the permissible limit," the motorist said. She was asked to withdraw a sum of Rs 2000 from the ATM which would have to be paid as a fine.

    "I took responsibility for my actions. I was taken to the Juhu police station. Throughout the way, I inquired with the cops what the procedure for DUI was, but only received vague replies. One of the cops even said that the fine amount may be refunded at court. There was.no clarity. At Juhu police station, I was made to wait until almost all other male motorists, that had been booked, paid up penalties. It did not matter to the cops that it was 1.30 am and that I was a woman. I was then told that my car would be detained. Had the cops told me this earlier, I could have called up a friend to drive my vehicle home as that's permissible," she said.

    The woman said she offered to undergo another breath analysis and requested that her car be released if the reading was within the permissible limit. "But the cops refused. By then it was 2 am and was raining heavily. I was asked to appear before a local court in the morning. At the court, lawyers and some cops wanted me to shell out cash if I wanted my driving licence and car back quickly," she said, adding that motorists shouldn't be kept in the dark about procedures if the traffic department really wanted DUI campaigns to be a success.

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