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  • Daman & Diu Congress will be strengthened: - KD Tandel
    Daman & Diu Congress will be strengthened: - KD Tandel krishnadadawala krishnad.... on Monday, April 27, 2015 reviews [0]
    Daman & Diu Congress will be strengthened: - KD Tandel
    Daman-Diu UTs Congress Committee’s senior Congress activist Shri K.D.Tandel said in the interview that Some of his party’s Leaders and some post holders are opportunist and they have been left congress party .
    But Mr. K.D. Tandel is not a opportunist and he will be continued as a congress party’s worker. He said that his public image is very clear, and he is hoping that one day Congress party will be again became number one, Mr. K.D.Tandel will be continued forever in Congress. He was joined in the Congress in 1967, He was and is at the time of the election symbol of Congress party : pair of two bulls, cow & calf and at present Hand, all the time he was and is with the Congress. From small activist of the party taking on the post of the Joint Secretary being served. Now Congress is hoping to be strong soon,it will be in the hands of beloved ex member of parliament Shri Dahyabhai Patel .

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