Dentist Dr.Ameesh can cure patient with their care and love.

Visiting dental clinic in this pandemic seems like a horrible dream as I have no option because I was having severe pain due to tooth decay but I am really happy that Dr Ameesh made me feel so comfortable. First thing when you enter his clinic which is small yet very clean he personally welcome you with warm smile then follow smallest of small protocol like sanitizing your hand then check temperature and also oxygen thru oxmeter then give you complete disposable clothes from shoes to coat which include gloves and cap are followed carefully plus he himself in PPE kit then I saw all his equipment were sanitized I don’t know the medical term for it. Meanwhile he keep on talking with you it made me feel like that I am with my family member so half of pain gone then he checked my tooth and recommended root canal treatment which I agreed happily as I am confident that I am safe and get proper care and after three sitting, treatment got over with great satisfaction. This is history of my case. I am writing this review because Dr like Amish deserve applause for devotion toward his profession also for honestly explaining things to patient not only that in this time everyone got fear of corona and doctor like Ameesh can cure patient with their care and love. I will suggest anyone having problem with their teeth do visit him without hesitation rest he will look after . Ameesh got golden heart that’s why he can treat patient lovingly. I was treated for root canal ten years ago so again going to him after searching itself is a evidence that he is excellent dentist. I will remain thankful and grateful to him for treating me in this time

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